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Tim Garvin on the orange
Lake Monteray, Michigan
Jerry Martin, Turtle River NW Ontario, Red "Bloody'
John Hendon, Lake Erie
Another Michigan Day
Ryan Kimpton
Lance Werner on Oak Lake, Ontario on the Orange
Walter Hedges,
from a canoe in Canada
Rick McFerrin
Tennessee Bass Guides
Rob Hendon, Grandson,
TN Rockfish
Alfred Lawless
Wood Reservior TN
Billy Campbell
Tennessee Bass Guides
Hud Hudson
G. Wayne Byrd
Orange in Colorado, 10/05
Inventor of the Buckeye Shad Robert Richardson
Gary Clouse
A Great Customer - 1960
Inventor - Robert Richardson
Caught on the Buckeye Shad
A great day on the lake!
Cookeville, TN Boat Dock
John West East Tennessee 1950
Brian Burkhardt
Scojo's Pond
Elvis's Record Producer
Jim Malloy
Bubba's Biggest Fish